About Us


Barnwalkers LLC

From world-class horse shows to your private stables, Barnwalkers is your supplier for high-quality equine equipment. Our products can be found at some of the best horse shows and in many top stables around the world.

With decades of experience as passionate equestrians and entrepreneurs we have had the opportunity to explore a large variety of stables while constantly educating ourselves on the best, most reliable products for a barn. We are proud to call ourselves Barnwalkers because there aren’t many barns we haven’t walked through at some point in our careers.

Through several exclusive partnerships with international manyfacturers, we have combined expertise and innovative talent while focusing on horse safety, durability and affordability. Our goal is to share our experience and knowledge to offer our clients a wide variety of quality products and services.

You Dream It We Build It

Barnwalkers LLC is proud to partner with IDA Development, expanding our ability to offer a complete range of dependable products and services. IDA Development lives up to the IDA reputation of high-quality work with excellent customer service.

With over 30 years in the development industry, our goal is to render the building of your dream barn easy and stress-free by providing a one-top-shop for all your needs. The less time you spend on your barn-building plans, the more time you can spend on your horse.