Barnwalkers Water Treadmill

Barnwalkers Water Treadmill is probably the most effective balneotherapy machine on the market. The water allows it to perform background work and helps to adapt the training to the needs and pathology of the horses. The water reduces the supported weight from 40 to 60% and this can decrease the healing time by up to 50%.

Designed and manufactured in Normandy, this water treadmill is used by many professionals and veterinarians worldwide.

Technical Characteristics

Speed regulator 0-7 mph
10 set programs, 100 customizable programs
Soft floor
Incline to 10%
Touch screen display

Complete marine grade stainless steel structure
High-strength shock absorbing rubber mat
Emergency stop button
Clear-sided panels


Length: 14′
Width: 5’4″
Weight: 3300 pounds


Chiller tank for water cooling
Built-in spa

Barnwalkers Protrainer

The Barnwalkers Pro Treadmill is at the very top of the range. It’s galvanized steel construction ensures durability and toughness under all conditions. The Barnwalkers Pro Treadmill reaches a speed of 8mph in the classic version and a 25 mph in the trot/canter version.

Technical Characteristics

Speed regulator 0-8 mph
Up to 100 custom programs
Adjustable incline up to 10%
Safety photocell (anti-panic)
High strength shock absorbing rubber mat

Speed dial located at the front by the horse’s head
Clear-sided panels
Automatic lubrication system


Length: 21’10”
Width: 4′ 10″
Weight: 3750 pounds

Barnwalkers Hippotrainer

The Barnwalkers Hippo Treadmill is very popular in many disciplines. Capable of reaching a speed up to 7mph, it can train your horses at the walk with or without incline. It is very horse friendly because it sits low to the ground and can be used with or without ramps.

With 10programs, this treadmill offers different exercises designed to meet the needs of your horse’s training. Using the incline option will accelerate rapid muscle development in a safe, controlled environment.

Barnwalkers New Generation Spa

Barnwalkers New Generation Spa helps to  improve blood circulation and optimize recovery.

Saltwater in the Spa can be cooled down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 degrees Celsius.

Cold water Spa treatment is extremely beneficial to any leg injuries. Manufactured in Normandy, this high-performance machine is equipped with touch screen and is built out of marine grade stainless steel.

Technical Characteristics

Inspection bench
Adjustable water level
Display and temperature on touch screen

Structure on stainless steel
Emergency stop button
Water cooling to 36 degrees Fahrenheit


Height: 7′ 3″
Width: 7′ 11″
Length: 8′ 3″
Weight: 4850 pounds